3t/h Mixed feed production line

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Introduction:The 3t/h mixed feed production line consists of: crusher buffer silo mixer feed auger electric control cabinet etc.....

  • Capacity: 3T/H
  • Power:



For large and medium-sized farmers, buying feed is not as good as building you own feed production line. Not only can the feed formula be adjusted according to your own conditions, but the mixed feed production line equipment is cheap and easy to operate. It is also the first choice for small feed mills.

Introduction of 3t/h mixed feed production line:

3t/h Mixed feed production line

Our 3t/h mixed feed production line consists of: crusher, crushing material silo, mixer, feed auger, electric control cabinet and so on. The equipment is easy to install, simple to operate,and the equipment can be put into production after easy installation.

The characteristics of each device in our production line:

Crusher:The buffer silo temporarily stores the pulverized material in the silo, so that the pulverizer can work continuously without affecting the subsequent production process.

Mixer:The mixer is used to evenly mix different materials.

Feeding auger:Feeding auger is mainly used to transfer materials,it can send materials to the crusher, silo, mixer and so on. The inlet of the auger has a permanent magnet device, which can effectively prevent irons such as nails and screws from entering the crusher and mixer to avoid damage to the machine.

Negative pressure exhaust device:The negative pressure air extracting device mainly ensures the air circulation in the silo, so that the materials in the silo are not congested.

Electric control cabinet:Electric control cabinet mainly integrates the switches of various machines to increase the safety of power consumption and facilitate control.

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