KG Packaging Machine

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This KG packaging machine is a new generation of intelligent packaging scale developed by our company. The machine is mainly composed of four parts: automatic weighing device conveying device sewing device and computer control system.....

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KG Packaging machine is widely used for weighing and packing materials such as pellet, grain, forage, bean pulp, rice, and chemical materials. It uses a fully electronic weighing system, double sensor balance support hopper weighing and weighing pressure balance design, to ensure weighing accuracy. 20 weighing samples can be stored, for weight selection conveniently and quickly, the remote communication port is equipped as well. Unique feeder design is used, two cylinders drive to feed and is adjustable. It can suit changeable requirements of feed quantity, and ensures high speed and high accuracy. Importing parts with high quality are selected so as to ensure stability and reliability.
The advantage of the KG Packaging Machine:
1)、This packing scale is suitable for various kinds of pellet and powder materials.
2)、There are belt feeding, straight feeding, and auger feeding.
3)、Quantitative packing scales with various configurations of with bucket and without bucket.
4)、Unique anti-vibration design ensures accurate measurement. Strong anti-interference ability, can work smoothly in unstable and complex environments.
Application fields of KG Packaging Machine:
KG Packing machine is widely used for weighing and packing pellet materials such as pellet products, grain, forage, bean pulp, rice, and chemical materials 
Weighing range: 15-50kg
Model Measure range Accuracy Air source
DCS-50 15-50 kg/bag +0.2% 0.4-0.6Mpa

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