SF JH Series Feed Rotary Screen

Short Description:

SFJH Series Rotary Screen is mainly used for classification of grain pellet and crushed materials can also be used for secondary crushing process the cleaning and grading for pellet and powder materials.....

  • Capacity: 4-20T/H
  • Power: 1.5/2.2/3/4KW



The rotary screen is applicable for screening and classifying of pellet feed, crumble feed and semi finished products which come from the second grinding system. It is also can be used for cleaning and calssifying granular, power materials, etc.
Application fields of Rotary Screen:
1. Application for screening, filtering, grading and removing impurity for all kinds of powder, pellet.
2. Suitable for materials: chemical, medical powder and pellet, coating, pigment, cosmetic, grease, resin, ceramic sauce, slurry, quicklime, fireproofing powder, metallurgy powder, starch, flour, rice flour, carbon powder, graphite powder, manganese powder, sewage, waste oil, dung, etc.

Operation mode of Rotary Screen:
High-quality rotary screen utilizes a rotary-reciprocating motion, the rotary screen gives a combination of the materials as it passes the sieve surface. It begins with a horizontal circular motion at the feed port, gradually changes to elliptical motion at the middle, and finally to a straight-line motion at the discharge port, keeping the material in constant contact with the screen surface without deterioration.
The advantage of the Rotary Screen:
1.Efficient: This machine combines the circular, elliptical and reciprocating linear movement, and installs surface cleaning device, so this machine with excellent durability, high efficiency and low consumption.
2.Silent: Adopt special balance mode (provided with an eccentric hammer), the inertial force in all directions were balanced perfectly when screening, little shake, low noise, smooth operation.
3. Well-sealed: Main components adopt mechanical bending, riveting, welding, well-sealing performance.
4. Smooth transmission: Adopt belt to drive, smooth transmission, stable and reliable, low noise, easy to install and maintain.
5. Beautiful appearance: Compact structure, neat and beautiful.

SF JH Series Feed Rotary Screen:

SF JH Series Feed Rotary Screen
SF JH Series Feed Rotary Screen

SF JH Series Feed Rotary Screen
Model SFJH60×2 SFJH80×2 SFJH100×2 SFJH125×2 SFJH150×2
Screen area(mm) 600×1500 800×2000 1000×2200 125×2500 1500×3000
Power(kw) 0.25 1.5 2.2 4 5.5
Capacity(t/h) 1-3 3-7 5-8 7-12 15-22

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