SKLN-Series Counter-flow Cooler

Short Description:

The counter-flow cooler is a kind of cooling equipment commonly used in feed processing. It is often installed in the pellet feed processing plant in combination with the pellet mill pellet crusher and other feed machinery. Using counter-flow cooling....

  • Capacity: 3/5/10/20T/H
  • Power: 1.5/2.2PW



The pellet cooler is mainly used to cooling the high-temperature and high-humidity pellets just from pelletizing machine, to cool the pellets to the ambient temperature and up to the needed moisture for storage and transportation. There are different kinds of coolers, such as counterflow cooler, vertical cooler, and drum cooler, etc. But the counterflow cooler is generally used with better performance in the market. It can be widely used in the cooling process of the feed processing industry, and is suitable for the cooling of various pellets, such as pelleted feed, expanded feeds, extruded feeds and flake feeds,etc.. Mainly applicable to a variety of granular material cooling.
The counter-flow cooler generally works with cyclone and air fan, air lock. Which is used to clean dust, also it can install a screener at the cooler bottom, which can separate dust and good pellets after cooling.
SKLN-Series Counter-flow Cooler

Operation mode of Counter-flow Cooler:
The pellets from the feed pelletizer enter the cooler from the feed port, and then the pellets are dispersed by the distributor, the pellets enter the silo. At the beginning, the pellets gradually accumulate, and when reach the upper limit, the motor turn on and starts to work automatically. In this cooling process, when the pellet reach the bottom limit, the discharge motor will stops until material filled signal.
The advantage of the Counter-flow Cooler:
1. Using advanced counterflow cooling principle, fast cooling speed, can prevent the pellets from cracking and ensure the normal appearance of feed;
2. The cross section of the cooling chamber is octagonal, and there is no cooling dead angle, which is beneficial to the complete cooling of the material;
3. The new rotary closed air feeder can ensure sufficient, uniform and thorough cooling of the material, adjustable distributing range and low power consumption;
4. The upper part of the unloading mechanism is equipped with several pressure reducing plates, which can greatly reduce the working load of the unloading mechanism, prevent deformation of the machine and prolong the service life of the components;
5. The transmission device adopts the geared motor to drive the eccentric shaft, the transmission is stable and reliable, the noise is small, and convenient to install and maintain;
6. The front of the equipment is equipped with an access door to facilitate daily maintenance and maintenance. The side and top cover are provided with observation windows to facilitate observation and monitoring of the internal operation of the equipment;
8. After cooling the temperature of the pellet will reduced to the room temperature (higher but no more than 3-5℃), which prolongs the storage time of the pellet feed, and also facilitates the packaging and sale of the product.
Model SKLN11×11 SKLN14×14 SKLN17×17 SKLN20×20 SKLN24×24
Capacity(t/h) 0.75 3 5 10 20
Power(kw) 0.75 0.75+0.5 1.1+1.5 1.1+2.2 1.5+3.0
Volume(m³) 1 1.5 2.5 4 8

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