Water Drop type Hammer Mill

Short Description:

Water drop hammer mill is an ideal crushing equipment for feed processing. It is suitable for feed chemical pharmaceutical and other industries. Processing materials: corn sorghum wheat soybeans peanuts grains beans particle rice husks and o....

  • Capacity: 1-30 t/h
  • Power: 22-160 KW



Fish feed Hammer mill in fish feed pellet factory

Hammer crusher machine is a special equipment to break large materials into fine powder, Raw materials in feed crusher are crushed into suitable particle sizes for feed mixer procession. Final size of materials can be controlled by inserting a screen with different sized holes, animal feed crushing machine is mainly employed in the farm, middle sized feeding factory or for family use.

Water Drop type Hammer Mill

Specification of hammer mill for the aquatic plant

Hammer mill is suitable for powder making. We can adjustment the inside hammers, mesh and rotating speed of shaft to get required output size from 0.6-1.5mm or 1-2.5mm for fish feed pellet making, other bigger sizes are optional by your choice. This machine got good reputation for the animal feed pellet factory and aquaculture plant.

Water Drop type Hammer Mill

Working principle of the hammer mill

When material enters the crushing chamber, it will be crushed to the required particle size by the high-speed rotating hammers with the function of repeated impact, friction ,and collision. The qualified sized will discharge through the mesh.

Drop type hammer mill installation site

Feed crushing machine featured advantages

1. The U-type additional punching groove is adopted at the bottom of the hammer mill chamber, which greatly improves the crushing efficiency and production efficiency. Quick open the operating gate, elastic pressure screen, convenient maintenance and replacement panel.

2. Rotor checking by dynamic balance, which is low noise in smoothly running.

3. Safe and environmental protection, nested seal, dust-free, improve its working environment.

4. SKF bearing with longer service life and cost less for maintenance.

5. Full-open operating gate, adjustable external tension for mesh tube, easy for repair and replace the mesh, the mesh can be customized.

6. Optional - impeller feeder, easy to operate, avoid blockage of the machine.
Model SFSP56*36 SFSP56*40 SFSP66*60 SFSP66*80 SFSP66*100
Power (kW) 22 37 55/75 90/110 132/160
Capacity (t/h) 1-5 2-8 4-12 15-25 20-30

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