SLHY Screw Belt Mixer

Short Description:

The Screw Belt Mixer is suitable for powder material mixing it is widly used for Premix feed poultry and livestock feed aquatic feed addictive food chemical and medicine etc. ....

  • Capacity: 250-300 TPH
  • Power: 5.5-45 KW



The Screw Belt Mixer is suitable for powder material mixing, it is widly used for Premix feed, poultry and livestock feed, aquatic feed, addictive, food, chemical and medicine etc. It can be applied in feed and flour milling for mixing premixes and ready-made mixes. The mixer is available in machine sizes ranging from 250 and 2000 liters each batch.
Performance Advantage:
1. Moderate mixing, high uniformity, no segregation.
2. Short mixing cycle , fast discharging, and small residual amount.
3. The two-way spiral belt rotor is made of high quality alloy steel, and the rotor is equipped with a ring -type cleaning device.
4. Smooth transmission and abrasion, easy maintenance.
5. Several atomized nozzles can be equipped to for liquid addition.
6. Various indicators comply with international standards
7. Good mixing effect: Cv < 5%, the residual≤0.1%
8. Fast mixing speed: mixed period 30s~120s
Capacity(t/h) 250 500 1000 2000
Power(kw) 5.5 7.5 15 30

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