Wood Pellet Machine Mold Maintenance

The maintenance of the mold of the wood pellet machine is skillful. As professional pellet machine manufacturer, now we gives you a brief introduction:

First, when the mold is kept for more than half a year, the oil in the mold needs to be replaced. Too long storage period will make the oil harden and difficult to remove, which has a negative impact on the operation of the mold.

Second, the mold should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. If left in a damp place, any mold will be corroded. Wood chips attached to the mold will absorb and retain moisture, speed up the corrosion process, reduce service life and result in low production efficiency.

Third, when replacing the mold, it is necessary to clean up the pellets inside the mold. Retaining pellets in the die hole will accelerate corrosion and cause damage because it can not be washed out during the die production.

Fourth, it is necessary to be responsible for the preservation of the ring die. The die holes on the ring die was produced with high-speed gun drills and have high brightness. In order to achieve high output capacity, it is necessary to keep the interior clean and bright. The hole of the die should be filled with oil-based anti-corrosion mixture to prevent the die from rust or corrode.

Fifth, after one operation, the mold should be filled with oily pellets whether the pellet machine stops at night or replaces the mould, so that the mould will not be blocked when it is re-operated.

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