The Equipment Needed to Start A Small-type Feed Factory

Recently, many customers asked us about what equipment is needed to start a small-type feed factory, whether the equipment can produce fast and make profit, here we will give some answers.

The mixed feed production equipment we designed and produced was combine the crusher with mixer together, the self-priming crusher suck the material into the crusher and crush it directly, reduced the investment cost and the operation difficulty of the user.

1-2t/h mixed feed production equipment

This is the advanced type of our powder feed production line, with the capacity of 3 tons per hour, with more equipment and more comprehensive performance. The biggest change was the addition of power distribution cabinet, crusher, buffer silo, and because of the larger output, we eliminated the small crusher on the mixer and equipped with a larger capacity water circle hammer mill.
3t/h mixed feed production line

This is our feed pellet production line, it has more equipment such as elevator, feed pellet machine, pellet cooling bin and so on than the powder feed production line, it can produce pellet feed or mixed feed (there is feed feeding gate in the mixer). To achieve the purpose of dual-use.
1-2t/h feed pellet production line

We also provide 5-20 tons of large-scale automatic production line, one-stop service, help you plan the factory, let you use without worry.

YuFChina can provide you with different purchase guidance of the Biomass pellet equipment, we can customized your own pellet production line according to your requirements. We have many years experience in exporting the biomass pellet production equipment, we have completed after-sales service, our engineers available to offer installation guidance in your site, give you a whole service scheme.

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