The misunderstanding of feed equipment when filling lubrican

Introduction: What are the misunderstandings of feed equipment when filling lubricants? How to avoid these misunderstandings, make the machine run better and produce higher economic benefits.

The lubrication of the feed equipment is to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, reduce maintenance costs and extend the service life. In fact, the real cause is to improve the overall economic benefits of the company. Although these lubrication costs are only a small part of the maintenance and product costs, they have a great impact on the maintenance and production of the equipment.

Misunderstandings when the feed equipment is lubricated

1.The purpose of lubrication is to make the equipment operate normally.

The purpose of lubrication is to properly lubricate the equipment so that the equipment does not malfunction during operation, thereby maintaining the normal operation of the equipment, improving productivity and economic efficiency.

2.The way to lubricate the operation is to refuel

After determining the refueling cycle and equipment inspection cycle,operations and inspections shall be carried out on shifts, on days and on weeks in accordance with the determined refueling position, refueling cycle, refueling quantity, refueling method and lubricants used in the equipment( the important parts should be treated more stricter), it is not a once and for all work.

3.More fuel and better:

A device is strictly specified in the design of its fueling amount, the operator should add lubricant according to the instructions and daily observation of the oil mark, sight glass and so on.

If you add more oil, it will have certain side effects. If the crankcase of the air compressor refuels too much, it increases the resistance of the crankshaft. In the reduction gearbox, in order to reduce the movement resistance of the gear and prevent the oil temperature from rising, the depth of the gear immersed in the oil is preferably 1 to 2 tooth heights, and should be shallower if the speed is high. When the rolling bearing is greased, it is impossible to fill the bearing cavity completely. Otherwise, the bearing running resistance will be increased, and the heat will be easily generated, causing the oil temperature to rise and the grease to flow away, resulting in poor lubrication or bearing damage.

4.It can be lubricated with oil

When a device is designed, the designer specifies the lubricant used in the device according to the operating principle of the machine, and not all lubricants can lubricate.

In order to make the equipment properly lubricated under different environments, a certain amount of additives are added to the lubricating oil, and the additives added to the various lubricating oils are different, and the performance is also different, so it depends on the equipment condition and the use environment. Choose a suitable lubricant to achieve good lubrication.

5.Reuse of waste oil

After the oil quality analysis of the waste oil, some measures can be taken to take it. For the oil entering the oil, it can be dehydrated by the oil-water separator; for the mechanical impurities and sludge in the lubricating oil, it can be removed by the filter.

Especially after the equipment is damaged, due to the long procurement cycle of the parts, the downtime of the equipment is long, which affects the production plan and damages the operating efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, we give full play to the effectiveness of the mechanical equipment, improve the reliability of the equipment, and avoid the misunderstanding of the equipment. .

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